Learn how to Invest in Property

If you want to learn how to invest in property, what options do you have?

  1. Go it alone, gain knowledge by reading books etc and hoping for the best
  2. Learn off someone you know (if you are lucky enough to know a successful investor)
  3. Attend a Property Investment course
  4. Join a Property Investment Mentoring or Coaching programme

Many people go with option 1 and go it alone after getting a basic understanding of how property investment works from reading a book or two.… Keep reading »

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Answering your Property Investment Questions – ‘Q&A Time’ Video Series

We have been getting a few requests for Q&A sessions lately, so thought we’d put together a regular video series answering all of your Property Investment questions. So fire away and bang all of your questions at us!

You have two ways of submitting your questions to us:

  1. Facebook – Submit your question in the comments on one of the Q&A posts on our Facebook page
  2. Youtube – Submit your question in the comments on one of the ‘Q&A Time’ videos on our Youtube channel

Here is the first episode of Q & A Time

I hope you enjoy it and get some value out of it, to make sure you don’t miss out on our future videos click thru to our Youtube channel  and click the ‘Subscribe’ button along with the little ‘bell’ and you will be alerted when we post up future videos.… Keep reading »

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Secret Millionaire Part 2

A few months ago I wrote about an excellent programme on Prime called “The secret Millionaire”. Well it’s on again, but this time it is the British version. But exactly the same concept. Which is pure magic!

If you are an aspiring millionaire you must watch this show, it won’t show you how to become a millionaire, but will give you an excellent dilemma which millionaires face and that is choosing a needy charity to GIVE money away to.… Keep reading »

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Perfect Storm is coming for property Investors

I have just seen some very alarming figures and statistics which relate to the Skyrocketing debt of NZ households. All these statistics point to the perfect storm ahead for property Investors.

  1. A Huge rise in house hold debt
  2. Falling house prices
  3. Rising unemployment
  4. And a worsening savings rate

Chief economist for ANZ National Bank Cameron Bagrie says “were living beyond our means, there is a limit here and I think we are very close to our limit” Here’s why;

  • The number of households on the verge of failing to meet their financial commitments grew from 6000 in 2004 to 8000 in 2008.
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Ollys call to arms for Property Investors!

Olly Newland, who is one of New Zealand’s most highly regarded and experienced property investment commentators, has come out in his latest article with some very startling home truths and predictions for residential property in the coming years.

Olly who has been through many property cycles and seen lots of booms and slumps, gives his views of what we can expect to happen and how YOU can benefit BIG TIME by investing in property now

Here are some of his comments on what may happen to world economies and buying investment properties and what they will be worth over time.… Keep reading »

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