Who are we?

The Property Investor Centre was established by NZ Property Investors Clint Taylor and Shane Allen. Whom have independently built their own successful Property Portfolios. Clint and Shane share a great passion for Property and have now joined forces with the formation of the Property Investor Centre, to inspire, educate and empower others who wish to follow in their investing footsteps. Read more about each of them below:

Profile – Clint Taylor

Clint Taylor

As well as being a successful Property Investor in his own right, Clint has amassed a vast knowledge and experience from his background as a professional property negotiator.

Where he personally secured, negotiated and successfully transacted in excess of $100 Million dollars of residential investment property. And in doing so played a key role in helping hundreds of investors build their own successful property portfolios.

Clint has a huge passion for property and loves the opportunity to share his knowledge and experiences with others. Over the last few years he has helped inspire and educate thousands of investors with his presentations at Property Investment seminars and events around the Country.

Clint is a great example of how an ‘ordinary kiwi guy’ from humble beginnings can build a multi-million dollar Property Portfolio, create Wealth and generate a Passive Income, in just a few short years.

Clint say’s that successful Property Investors are ‘created – not born’ and that anyone can achieve the same results he has, by learning some new things, and doing things a little differently to what they have in the past – and most importantly, by actually getting out there and taking some action.

Clint Taylor

Clint’s favourite quotes:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got and your life will never change.”

“Success and good fortune come to those who seek opportunity”

Profile – Shane Allen

Shane Allen

Shane has been actively involved in property investing for the last 20 years when he brought his first property in 1989 at the age of 25. Having previously worked in the mining industry and as a farmer, Shane has proven that there are endless opportunities out there for anyone to be successful in property, with the correct knowledge and vision.

Shane’s drive, work ethic and energy have enabled him to gain a huge knowledge base of experience and practical knowhow in the property investment field. He has over the years experienced the up’s and down’s and different cycles associated with property, and all the challenges that come with them.

During this time Shane has become financially free and built up a multi-million dollar property portfolio based around sound investing rules, integrated into a proven step by step system. In just the past 18 months Shane has purchased or traded over $5.7 million dollars of residential investment property as well as recently being actively involved in a construction project.

Shane continues to take enormous pride and satisfaction in working with everyday people and sharing the exciting and timeless principles of wealth creation through property. Helping them gain the skills required and empowering them to build a stable and financially secure future for themselves.

Shane Allen

Shane’s favourite quote:

“The only failure… is the failure to PARTICIPATE”