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Video: Investor Interview – NZ Cash-flow Property with Kritzo Venter

Hi folks, here’s a great video interview we recorded with successful property investor Kritzo Venter.  Kritzo has achieved some fantastic results since joining our e-Coaching property mentoring programme 5 years ago.

He has taken what he learnt in the e-Coaching and has gone out and applied those investing strategies and principles and invested in multi-income properties around the North Island, in doing so he’s created substantial equity gain and a very solid passive income from the positive cash-flow his portfolio generates.… Keep reading »

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The Boom is Over!

More than a few people could be surprised or alarmed at this statement, but it’s true. The New Zealand Property Boom is now over, in fact it finished months ago!

What you are seeing now is the final death rolls of the boom market.… Keep reading »

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Learn how to Invest in Property

If you want to learn how to invest in property, what options do you have?

  1. Go it alone, gain knowledge by reading books etc and hoping for the best
  2. Learn off someone you know (if you are lucky enough to know a successful investor)
  3. Attend a Property Investment course
  4. Join a Property Investment Mentoring or Coaching programme

Many people go with option 1 and go it alone after getting a basic understanding of how property investment works from reading a book or two.… Keep reading »

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