Rising Building Costs, Tighter lending, Oversupply & Kiwi Exodus – Will It Create The Perfect Storm?

In this Blog, we are going to discuss several factors that could have an alarming impact on New Zealand’s real estate market. Some of these things are happening now and some are developing as we speak, and we can see them all combining on a domestic scale to create a perfect storm for a:

Declining Property Market



Here is a list of things that are happening in the market right now.… Keep reading »

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Are There Any Good Buying Opportunities in the Current Market?

As you will be aware there are lots of people looking to buy an investment property in this red-hot market that has taken off heading for orbit like one of Peter Becks Electron Rockets.   However, in this crazy market there are some limiting factors at play which are creating a ‘brick wall effect’ where many investors feel they are struggling to find a deal that stacks up.… Keep reading »

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Watch out for this Interest Rate Trap – Happening Right Now!

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on interest rate movements to keep track of current trends and especially so you are not caught off guard by behind the scene moves.

Right now there are things that are happening behind the scenes which should ring alarm bells for some, we call it the “Interest Rate Trap” and many won’t realise what has been happening unless they have a finger on the pulse with interest rate movements.… Keep reading »

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