Land – the basis of all wealth

A few years ago a lady that worked with me at a property investment company was handed this poem below by a wise old Indian man who had invested in real estate for years and years. I really liked it, so typed it out and saved it to my computer, I have just found it again so thought you all might like it aswell.… Keep reading »

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Invest in property to invest in your life

I was at a friend’s funeral this week, he didn’t have a hearse, and instead the family had his little old farm truck, which had been decorated by all the children and grandchildren. Because he was a country sort of person, the truck had wool, gumboots, hay bales, some of his pictures and his coffin on the back.… Keep reading »

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Successful Property Investors Give & Take

I was talking with a friend today about fundraising and helping out, basically doing stuff for free. And we both remarked that there is one group of people that you can always rely on for this type of thing. These people rock up with happy smiles on their faces, keen as mustard to get stuck in , get their hands dirty, arse up head down, and give their precious time for the good of the club, charity, or whatever organisation you are helping.… Keep reading »

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Property Negotiation Tips

When you are selling or buying property don’t ever assume on price.

If you are trying to buy a property and work out that all you can pay according to the figures is X amount, and it seems ridiculously below asking price don’t think ‘oh well they won’t accept that, it’s not enough, I won’t bother’

Put your offer forward, (in writing, never verbally) it must be presented by law.… Keep reading »

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Financial Freedon from Real Estate

Financial freedom through property investment is a very cool thing. Being able to do what you want when you want is great!

The weather forecast was brilliant on Monday so we packed the wagon up Sunday night, and left very early Monday morning for a day’s skiing at Whakapapa, kids came with us.… Keep reading »

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