Property Investment Seminars – A word of warning

Over the years I have attended many different property investment seminars in my quest for more knowledge on the subject. And whilst a few of them have been very good, and I have learned a great deal from some, you need to be warned that others are luring you there on false pretences, and their ‘education’ content is very questionable indeed, and they have an ulterior motive!… Keep reading »

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Perfect Storm is coming for property Investors

I have just seen some very alarming figures and statistics which relate to the Skyrocketing debt of NZ households. All these statistics point to the perfect storm ahead for property Investors.

  1. A Huge rise in house hold debt
  2. Falling house prices
  3. Rising unemployment
  4. And a worsening savings rate

Chief economist for ANZ National Bank Cameron Bagrie says “were living beyond our means, there is a limit here and I think we are very close to our limit” Here’s why;

  • The number of households on the verge of failing to meet their financial commitments grew from 6000 in 2004 to 8000 in 2008.
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Positive Cash Flow Property in New Zealand, now more important than ever.

Isn’t it interesting that we are now seeing many NZ and Australian Property Investors refocus on high yielding cash flow positive rental properties. Some of these same people whom in the past have been heard to say “why would you purchase a high yielding property, when you could instead buy a lower yielding property situated better for a higher capital growth”

Well many of these people whom have experienced some very hard times during the economic downturn with property portfolios heavily weighted towards capital growth, have finally realized the importance of what we like to call a ‘balanced portfolio’ with a sound cash flow base.… Keep reading »

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New Investor Looks To Cash In On Slump

I have just been browsing thru the latest news feeds on the Property News page of our website while having my morning coffee. I came across this interesting article about a new player in the NZ Commercial Property Investment market. They are well and truly getting stuck in and making the most of the countercyclical Investment opportunities that are available in the current economic environment.… Keep reading »

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The birth of the ‘Property Investor Centre’

Well after a few months of planning and putting it all together, we are finally here… the launch of the ‘Property Investor Centre’.

A little background.

Over the last few years as we have met people and they find out what we have been doing with Property Investment, and they get to learn our stories, both Shane and I have had many requests for property coaching or mentoring.… Keep reading »

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