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Global Financial Market Meltdown in Progress – Update #3

Well, aren’t these extremely extraordinary times we all find ourselves in……

This is our latest Blog update number 3 following on from our original “Incoming Recession Blog” which you can read here.

As we know things are happening fast and situations are changing daily on a global level which is causing a lot of anxiety and concern worldwide as people’s lives are disrupted by the spread of the Covid 19 Virus.… Keep reading »

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2020 financial crisis

Global Financial Market Meltdown in Progress. What will it mean for Property Investors?

Following on from our Ground-Breaking “Incoming Recession” Blog which we originally drafted the first week of October 2019 but after much deliberation decided not to publish until Feb 26th 2020.

In this blog article we predicted this current financial crisis which didn’t start showing symptoms and sending shockwaves through global financial markets until late February all brought to a head by the fallout of the Covid 19 Corona Virus, however, the whole situation has been setting the stage and building up to tipping point for quite some time now (many many months before the Virus came on the scene in China).… Keep reading »

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Video: Investor Interview – NZ Cash-flow Property with Kritzo Venter

Hi folks, here’s a great video interview we recorded with successful property investor Kritzo Venter.  Kritzo has achieved some fantastic results since joining our e-Coaching property mentoring programme 5 years ago.

He has taken what he learnt in the e-Coaching and has gone out and applied those investing strategies and principles and invested in multi-income properties around the North Island, in doing so he’s created substantial equity gain and a very solid passive income from the positive cash-flow his portfolio generates.… Keep reading »

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