Invest in property to invest in your life

I was at a friend’s funeral this week, he didn’t have a hearse, and instead the family had his little old farm truck, which had been decorated by all the children and grandchildren. Because he was a country sort of person, the truck had wool, gumboots, hay bales, some of his pictures and his coffin on the back. And across the back were Tui beer cans dangling down.

It was a hard case, a lot of stiff upper lip people may have said it is ‘bad taste’ but I reckon good on them, Shorty said he didn’t want a hearse, and what better way for him to make his last trip than in his favourite old truck.

He loved children, and did a lot of voluntary work for the IHC. Everyone kept telling him to slow down ‘or you will have a heart attack’ and sadly that is what happened.

Funerals are strange events where I become very mindful of my own life and how much time I have left? And how much can I squeeze into the rest of my life before I bunk down at the old folks home!

This is where financial freedom will give you a much easier, purposeful life where YOU can decide what YOU want to do, and WHEN! So much of everyday people’s lives are taken up with working for a living. Leaving home in the morning and coming home at night, sleep then repeat the next day. The amount of time’s I have heard people say they will have to miss something because of work is huge. And when you are missing out on watching your family grow up. It’s quite sad.

What I am saying here is take charge of your life, make plans now so you can start enjoying some financial freedom in the future It won’t happen overnight, but as quickly as the years tick by, so will the amount of freedom you will create for yourself. Firstly learn how, and then secondly start investing in good below value property that pays you from day ONE.

The only way to get off the work treadmill is to invest your money into assets, and the best asset we can tell you about is real estate. You won’t become financially free by just thinking about it you will have to take action.

Financial freedom will give you the time to do as much voluntary work as you want, do anything you want which will alleviate stress and time pressure from your life.

Happy investing.


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