Learn how to Invest in Property

If you want to learn how to invest in property, what options do you have?

  1. Go it alone, gain knowledge by reading books etc and hoping for the best
  2. Learn off someone you know (if you are lucky enough to know a successful investor)
  3. Attend a Property Investment course
  4. Join a Property Investment Mentoring or Coaching programme

Many people go with option 1 and go it alone after getting a basic understanding of how property investment works from reading a book or two.

While Books are certainly a great place to start and are very cost effective at $35-$45 per book. Books only contain generalized information. And when you need a question answered or you get stuck somewhere along the way there is obviously no way to get that personalized information.

Option 2, of learning from a successful investor you know is just not possible for the vast majority, so its not really an option at all.

Option 3 of attending a short 1-3 day Property Investment course is great and all, but in my experience there is lots of information jammed packed into a very short time period, and most people simply suffer info overload and cannot effectively take it all in.  These types of short courses are great for amping up the motivation levels, but once you go back home to your normal life the motivation slowly but surely slips away. There is also no further support and help with a short training course like this.

If you really want to learn how to invest in property, build your knowledge and gain real confidence,  keep your motivation levels high and actually take action and move forward to invest in property and become successful at it, in my personal experience there is only one option.

That option is to join some kind of Property Investment Training, Mentoring or Coaching programme. Some type of education programme where you can learn to invest in property via a series of training content over time where you dont get info overload and preferably the content is delivered in a way that allows you to go over each part of content as many times as you wish. So you can really get to grips with each part of content and fully understand it, rather than miss an important part of what the speaker says.

The training programme also needs to offer a Property mentor that you can consult with one-on-one when needed to support you along your property investing journey. To keep you on track and motivated and fully support you as questions arise, of which there will be many.  The support of a mentor is an absolutely crucial piece of the puzzle for you to be able to move ahead and be successful as a property investor.

The Property Investor Centre runs a unique web-based property investment training and mentoring programme that we call e-Coaching.  Below are a few short videos that further explain what the e-Coaching programme is, how its delivered, what it covers, and the 10 key benefits that puts the e-Coaching Property investment training and mentoring programme ahead of the other Property Investment education providers.


What exactly is e-Coaching?

How is the e-Coaching content delivered?

What does the e-Coaching programme cover?

10 Key Benefits that Put e-Coaching Ahead of the Rest

For further information on how you can learn to invest in property with our e-Coaching Property Investment Training and Mentoring programme simply visit the ‘e-Coaching‘ page on this website or contact us to arrange a time to discuss how we can help you invest in property.


Clint Taylor

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