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This video discusses the type of content that is covered in the e-Coaching property mentoring programme.
Borrow to 80% LVR for investment? Self-employed and don't have two years full financials? Want to stay interest-only and the banks won't roll it over? Thought you couldn't get a mortgage due to previous credit problems?....Well, you'd better watch this!
In this video we cover the Top 10 Key benefits of our e-Coaching programme, the reasons why our clients chose us for their Property Investment Training & Mentoring.
What exactly is e-Coaching? This video will explain what our e-Coaching property mentoring programme is and what it's not.
This short video explains how our e-Coaching web-based property mentoring programme is delivered.
Are you better off leaving your money in the Bank or Investing into Property? Here we look at an example of the returns from each.
An inspiring and insightful interview with successful property investor Kritzo Venter. Kritzo shares how he created over $1 Million in equity and $76,000 in passive income in 4 years buying multi-income properties.