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As professional property finders and full-time investors, we have completed thousands of real estate transactions over the last 15 years, and have helped hundreds of investors build their own successful property portfolios.

The Property Investor Centre has a team of Expert Property Negotiators around the Country that are out in the market looking at investment property every single day.

Mark & Nicole Fisher talking about a block of 5 x 2 bed units they purchased via our Hot Property Deals

Zena Petherbridge talking about 16 units she purchased via us and another 12 units shes looking at (has since purchased)

Kritzo Venter talking about his block of 4 x 2 bed units he had just purchased via our Hot Property Deals

Testimonial from Monique Pourewa who profited from a deal she sourced from us

We are currently sourcing some fantastic deals for our members!

Some investors could spend literally thousands of hours searching for deals like these, and still not find them.

Our team takes the stress out of finding property deals, and we do much of the due diligence for you. For each of our properties we provide a full report containing details of the property’s valuation, rental income figures, demographic information, as well as a full financial analysis.

Hey, we will even recommend a property manager to look after the property for you.

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Where we look at the 4 main strategies to make money from Property. We discuss the challenges many Investors face when looking for deals. Then we look at how the Smart Investors use leverage to get the great Deals coming to them!

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