Successful Property Investors Give & Take

I was talking with a friend today about fundraising and helping out, basically doing stuff for free. And we both remarked that there is one group of people that you can always rely on for this type of thing. These people rock up with happy smiles on their faces, keen as mustard to get stuck in , get their hands dirty, arse up head down, and give their precious time for the good of the club, charity, or whatever organisation you are helping.


These people are Givers they are generally happy go lucky, responsible workers, they are positive and great people to be around.

Then there is another group of people, these are the ones who avoid any charity or fundraising activity like the plague! They are invisible, even when they have been asked to help out, even when they have their own children at the sports club or school, even when they are themselves members and big users of the organisations facilities.

These people are Takers They will always have something to complain about, but do nothing about it themselves, They will talk people down but not to their face, They take pride in the fact that they have escaped `doing anything`, and laugh out loud at the idiots doing all the work These people are negative, and not nice to be around.

Are you a Taker or a Giver??

Think about this carefully…….I know a lot of people that say they are Givers, it makes them feel good. But in fact they are Takers.

All of the successful people I know are givers, yes! All of them!

Successful people surround themselves with ‘Good Karma’ and believe that ‘what goes around comes around’ Property Investing is no different, If you go about your business in an honest, upfront, generous manner. You will find that positivity will bring lots of good opportunity your way! And lots of good Property!!

I am not saying give all your hard earn’t cash away, but don’t be shy to lend a hand, helping out is free. And you may be surprised at just how good it makes you feel.

Happy Investing!


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