Thinking about Property Investment mentoring, coaching or courses, what exactly is e-Coaching?

Over the last few weeks when talking to prospective mentoring clients, a few of them have asked the question ‘What exactly is e-Coaching?’  ….so here’s the answer…..

What exactly is e-Coaching?

The Property Investor Centre’s e-Coaching programme is a comprehensive Property Investing Training course.

A complete & proven step-by-step investing system.

Containing all of our Strategies & Secrets, Knowledge and Experiences gained over the course of building our own Multi-Million $ Property Portfolios.

Nothing is left out, it includes every last bit of info you will need to be able to apply these strategies and Invest in Property Successfully.

A course designed to teach you how to Invest to build long term sustainable Wealth & Passive Income.

What e-Coaching is NOT

It’s not a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Scheme
They never work, if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

Not for you if….

  • you’re not prepared to step out of your Comfort zone
  • you’re not Motivated to Succeed

But if you have an open mind, are prepared to learn new things, put in the effort, and follow the system and take action – You too can become a Property Millionaire.
If we can do it, You Can too! We Guarantee It!

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Clint Taylor

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