Video: Investor Interview – NZ Cash-flow Property with Kritzo Venter

Hi folks, we have just recorded a great video interview with successful property investor Kritzo Venter.  Kritzo has achieved some fantastic results since joining our e-Coaching property mentoring programme 5 years ago.

He has taken what he learnt in the e-Coaching and has gone out and applied those investing strategies and principles and invested in multi-income properties around the North Island, in doing so he’s created substantial equity gain and a very solid passive income from the positive cash-flow his portfolio generates.

He speaks in-depth about his property selection criteria, only purchasing properties that have the potential to increase the rental income and value further to keep his ‘Loan to Value’ and ‘Debt Service’ ratios in check to enable him to keep qualifying for further lending to keep growing his property portfolio.

His chosen strategy gives him the ability to make his own capital gains, so he’s not reliant on the market moving in the right direction to make money.

He discusses all the essential things that he believes have enabled him to be successful, from having the correct mental attitude to the types of renovations he’s undertaken and how he researched and analysed each market to make sure he’s going to increase the rental return to the max without over capitalising on the renovations.

This is an absolute must-watch for anyone already investing or contemplating investing in property. It’s a long interview at just over 90 mins and packed full of gold nuggets, so find yourself a quiet spot, grab a cuppa and settle on in, Kritzo has put the work in, got the results and it’s great to have people like this share their experiences with us all.

Enjoy and I hope you gain something of value from it that will enhance your own property investing.

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